Reducing your
packaging waste

Reducing your
packaging waste


We focus on helping our clients improve their packaging margins while reducing the global overuse of plastics and excess packaging.

IOT unlocks previously unavailable data in the packing industry. Blind spots become fixable inefficiencies. Productivity makes room for new ideas and massive sustainability opportunities. The future in packaging is being written today—we plan to help author it.


Inspired by the belief you can’t improve what you can’t measure,

a few guys discovered something: we don’t always have to buy new machines, we can make “old and dumb” machines smarter, and we can change the world while doing it. With funding from Danger Zone Capital, a venture arm of Rocket Industrial supporting startups in this space, we began to make this discovery into something tangible.

Since 2014, Packlytics has been exploring the world of IOT in Wisconsin—the Silicon Valley of Packaging. We’ve been through more than four hardware and software versions, beta testing with manufacturing partners throughout the country, constantly improving the product. Today, our team members are experts on IOT and measurement with global technology experience.



Packaging is a global business and sustainability is a global issue. We use this lens to thoughtfully address our clients’ needs.


How you do anything is how you do everything. Therefore, we purposefully design solutions, outcomes, and our user experiences.


IOT moves faster every day. We push ourselves to stay ahead of the curve, constantly learning and finding new solutions.

Our Team

Tony Miller

Managing Partner, aging surfer and anchorman superfan

Ryan Gallagher

Founding Partner, 90s music lover and ping pong champ

Rob Hoehn

Senior Software Engineer, Triathlete and Dreamer of the Dreams

John Troemel

Senior Hardware Engineer, Dancing to the 90’s Beat No One Hears and Delivering Tech Everyone Fears

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